Navigating South Texas Commercial Real Estate in 2024

Welcome to our very first blog post on “Commercial Talk with DHRP”! Since 1965, DHRP Commercial Real Estate has been deeply rooted in South Texas, specializing in a range of services essential to the commercial real estate scene. From investment sales to property development, acquisition, leasing, management, and maintenance, we’ve got you covered across various property types, including land, retail, office, medical, industrial, flex space, and more. With convenient locations in San Antonio, Corpus Christi – Coastal Bend, and the Greater Austin Area, our services are fully customizable to suit your needs, making us your go-to for all things Commercial Real Estate.

When it comes to real estate, the old saying “Location, location, location” still rings true. In 2023, Texas emerged as the top spot for Americans on the move, according to the U-Haul Growth Index. With one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the US, Texas offers affordable housing, favorable weather, and plenty of job opportunities, driving demand for housing and commercial developments. This growth presents numerous investment opportunities for savvy investors.

Thanks to its strategic location and booming economy, Texas is an epicenter for commercial real estate, especially with the high demand in logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing space. With an extensive transportation network of highways, airports, and railways, Texas serves as a crucial hub for both domestic and international trade, boosting the demand and value of commercial properties.

Texas boasts the most Fortune 500 companies in the nation, fueling its status as a top economic player. With thriving industries like aerospace, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and finance, Texas cultivates an environment ripe for business growth and innovation.

Investors in Texas enjoy various tax benefits and incentives, attracting businesses of all sizes. This influx of companies has led to a surge in demand for commercial spaces, prompting the development of office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

With a GDP exceeding $1.9 trillion, Texas offers a vibrant commercial real estate market ripe with opportunities across different sectors. To succeed in this dynamic market, it’s essential to stay adaptable and informed. We’ve compiled “DHRP’s 4 Rules to Navigating the Commercial Real Estate Market in 2024″ to help you stay ahead of the curve:

  1. Understand local market trends using data-driven insights to identify growth potential.
  2. Partner with our local experts at DHRP, who have in-depth knowledge of the South Texas market.
  3. Take advantage of our comprehensive services, which include brokerage sales and acquisition, land development, leasing, tenant management, full-service accounting, and property maintenance. We combine these services with professional-grade marketing campaigns that engage Generative AI and the most cutting-edge technologies to market your property for maximum exposure and function.
  4. Diversify your portfolio by exploring new opportunities and staying updated on market trends.


The Lone Star State presents outstanding opportunities for commercial real estate ventures with a diverse, growing population and a business-friendly atmosphere. Join us, your local experts at DHRP, to help you navigate the Texas market!

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