Brent Saxon, GRI

Associate | Greater Austin

Brent joined the real estate profession after spending over 20 years in business and industry. The early days of his career were concentrated on manufacturing and engineering disciplines within the high-tech arenas. These positions later provided opportunities in project management, contract management/negotiation and finally executive management.

He is part of DHRP’s Commercial Real Estate Agents in the Greater Austin area. As a lifelong resident of Austin, Brent has seen quite a change in the city’s skyline. It is Brent’s experience and knowledge of business and real estate in this part of Texas that gives him an edge. As he sees it, practical experience and practice in project management, contract negotiations, and customer service are key to all successful real estate transactions and a top-notch customer experience. Ask any of his is past clients and they will tell you that Brent strives for a world-class customer experience.

Brent proudly graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Business and is currently a candidate for acceptance into the Masters of Real Estate Program at Texas A&M University. When not helping his clients, Brent and his family stay busy within the community through numerous activities such as coaching youth baseball and serving the community through Scouts. Brent is a lifelong Scouter, a Cub & Boy Scout during his childhood and now serves as Cub Master for his son’s Pack.

Brent dreams to one day own and operate a small craft brewery. Creating recipes, refining processes and delivering a quality product is a driving passion. Until then, he can be found home-brewing with friends and neighbors on the weekends.

One of Brent lifelong aspirations is to travel to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to experience the history, nature, museums, and culture of his ancestors.

Brent is a proud member of:
• The Austin Board of Realtors
• The Texas Association of Realtors
• The Central Texas Commercial Board of Realtors

Brent Saxon, GRI
Associate | Greater Austin

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