Leigh McMurtrey, FMA, RPA

Austin Property Manager

Leigh’s real estate career started in 1987 in the Multi-Family Commercial Real Estate field. Her career expanded into Commercial Property Management in 1996 where she worked for a privately-owned Healthcare Development Company in Texas in the Southwest region of the US. After 13 years, she went to work for a European Investment Firm, managing their Texas properties until they sold their US investment. Leigh has also worked for other privately held Real Estate Management firms before joining DHRP Austin in January 2021. She is an accomplished Commercial Real Estate Property manager based in Austin, offering over 30 years of professional experience. Leigh has managed a variety of different properties ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 and worked for private investors to corporate owners.

Leigh earned her Real Property Administrator (RPA) and Facilities Manager Administrator (FMA) licenses in 2003.

When not working or studying, Leigh enjoys reading, singing, and listening to music, especially jazz and soul, Facetiming with her daughter, brothers and friends. She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs and four cats. She dreams of one day buying a tiny home in Colorado near the Rocky Mountains.

Leigh McMurtrey, FMA, RPA
Austin Property Manager

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