Consider us your personal PM strategists.

At DHRM, we live and breathe property management. We believe that property management is not an 8 to 5 job, it’s 24/7. It’s vital to think ahead, prepare for any scenario, and be proactive. Luckily, our carefully curated team has decades of experience to keep your property running smoothly and efficiently.

It’s not just about years of experience though. It’s about the spectrum of expertise in various areas that our property managers have picked up along the way. We know and understand that property drive-by’s are not enough to spot a small roof leak or faulty electrical wires. With boots on the ground, you can trust DHRM to look after your investment like it’s our very own.

Not only are your physical assets protected, but with our in-house accounting team, so are your financial assets. Combined with our vast investment knowledge and understanding, we’re able to deliver the full spectrum of property management.

  • Want to increase your revenue and decrease expenditures? We bring cost efficiencies to the table that will benefit you greatly.
  • Looking to add value to your property to draw in more income? We will help you maximize every component of the building to benefit your bottom line—and give you peace of mind.
  • Are you a landlord who needs someone to handle the leasing side of things? Let us offer you our expertise in lease administration and lease abstracting.
  • Need to screen your tenants? We help you find the right tenants to keep the integrity of your property intact.
  • Looking for a facility manager to be onsite and keep an eye on the property and take care of your tenants? That’s just one more of the many services we offer.
  • Need the solid expertise of a project manager or construction manager? We have the right people for the job.

Our full-service property management includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Property Appearance/Curb Appeal (Landscape, lighting, signage, etc.)
  • Tenant Management (Response to tenant calls with follow-up)
  • Proactive Repairs/Maintenance (Repair conditions that cause leaks, removal of water damage wood)
  • Reactive Repairs/Maintenance (Leaks, HVAC maintenance, electrical matters, etc.)
  • Vendor/Employee Management (Negotiate service contracts, etc.)
  • Reporting/Communications (Regular contact with owner, project bidding, reporting)
  • Property Operations (Leasing, bookkeeping, insurance & taxes)