Steves Rosser

Sr. Vice President | Shareholder

When Steves Rosser began his career in commercial real estate 35+ years ago, he knew that building strong client relationships was a top priority. Steves is active and experienced in all lines of leasing and brokerage in South and Central Texas, with a focus on income property investment sales and management. But he’s also had firsthand experience in retail and restaurant ventures, which allows him to bring value to clients in these specific areas. Steves has furthermore been involved in land and building development achieving successful value-oriented results for his clients. Working with many private equity investors has given Steves the opportunity to facilitate transactions with major companies and organizations such as:

  • UIW
  • Parkhurst NuVision
  • Wellmed
  • Alamo Workforce
  • PetSmart
  • Cicso Equipment
  • DaVita
  • 1st Choice Medical
  • Whataburger
  • Goodwill
Steves Rosser
Sr. Vice President | Shareholder

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