Mike McFarland

Associate | Corpus Christi

As a seasoned real estate professional, Mike McFarland has dedicated himself to providing exceptional, specialized, and personalized service for all his clients by providing strategic solutions and guidance for the achievement of their real estate objectives, goals, and dreams.

Mike’s 30+ years of real estate industry related experience enables him to provide great insight and successfully serve his clients’ real estate needs. Mike’s experience includes the following:
• Land development
• Commercial new construction and renovation
• Commercial real estate sales and leasing

In his spare time, Mike teaches and inspires others to learn more about the historical truths relating to the founding of the United States, and to learn, defend, and assert their God given rights as protected by the United States Constitution.

Mike also enjoys spending time at the beach and loves exploring the beauty below the surface of the water as a SCUBA diver.

Mike McFarland
Associate | Corpus Christi

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