Cory Stephens


Cory joined DHRP In 2021.  She graduated from TCU and received her Master’s degree from UIW.  For the last 15 years, she sold technical solutions in virtual real estate, and at Rackspace, received the “Rackstar” Award for outstanding performance each year. With a solid background in multi million dollar international sales and outstanding customer service, she excels at analyzing investments and matching them to the client’s needs. She does this by keeping her antenna up to the unique needs expressed by each client and is candid about matching their needs to the right product.

Cory is a San Antonio native who understands the idiosyncrasies of the community. She spent many successful years selling unique and complex solutions and brings a fresh perspective to the team. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Thomas, and twin boys, Henry and Wayland, who will both be attending Texas Tech in the fall. She craves outdoor activities, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coast, and her lifelong interests are fishing, skiing, paddling, traveling, playing the drums and French wine.